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2 Factor Authentication

Our servers offer "2 Factor Authentication", an optional setting within your account allowing you to add an additional layer of high security to your email account. This is accomplished with two-step verification, where you open a trusted app on your smartphone to generate a dynamic security code, and use that code to confirm an authorized login of your account. Anyone else trying to gain access to your account would not only have to know your login ID and password, but also be in possession of your smartphone.

Simply login to your service by entering your e-mail address and password, with the 6 digit code provided by an app installed on your smartphone, appended to it. For example, when accessing WebMail or using your email client, if your regular password is: johndoe and the current code is 123456, enter: johndoe123456 in the password field, in order to authenticate.

To use 2 Factor Authentication, you will need to download one of the following apps for your respective Smartphone:

  • Android Phone: Google Authenticator App or Authy App
  • iOS, and Blackberry: Authy App
  • Windows Phone: Authenticator

How To Activate & Use With Your Email

  1. Log into your user Control Panel, at https://cp.emailarray.com using your regular e-mail address/password. Note that you can also access the user panel using the respective link in WebMail's Settings page.
  2. On the top menu, click on 2Factor Auth and set the Status pull-down menu to Enabled, then click on Save.
  3. You will see a pop-up informing the next steps, which involve scanning a QR Code using your phone's Barcode scanner, so we can deliver new codes constantly via your Authenticator app.

Remember that, next time you access the e-mail account where you setup 2fa, in the password field, you have to add your 6 digits code at the end of your password. This is also required for the user control panel.

Note: If you lose access to your phone and need DogLegs to disable 2 Factor Authentication, you will be required to email us a color copy of your photo ID, matching the name on the account.

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