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Can I adjust the Spam filter settings?

Yes you can adjust your Spam Filter settings within your account... you can even block everyone except those that are listed in your Whitelist and Contacts. (See How in the Tab Section Above)

What is the Spam Quarantine Report I am receiving each day?

The Spam Quarantine is a twice daily report letting you know what has been filtered and quarantined on the servers. It gives you the ability to double check and Whitelist any emails that are getting filtered that shouldn't. You can disable the reports if you prefer not to have them. (See How in the Tab Section Above)

How many e-mails can I send per day and what size?

Currently our mail servers enforces a limit of 300 e-mails per day and up to 36 megabytes per e-mail. The primary reason is to limit the potential blacklisting and damage caused by computers infected with spam-sending trojans. After 300 e-mails have been sent from your account, you will receive the following error message when attempting to send further messages:
462 Daily send limit reached. Please try again tomorrow
If you need to send more than 300 messages per day as part of your regular operation, please consider using one of our affiliated email partners:  Aweber

How many recipients can I send to in one message?

You can address up to 100 recipients in one single e-mail message. If you add more than 100, you will receive the following error:
551 sorry, maximum number of recipients reached

What is the Size Limitations for each email?

You can send and receive emails up to 50MB in size. This large limit will let you easily share your most important documents.

How to backup or store my email in the cloud to my home or office computer?

You can easily backup or store your Cloud based email which is synced and accessible to all of your devices to a local computer

  1. Simply install a mail client (program or app) like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook
  2. Configure Thunderbird or Outlook with your email settings (IMAP)
  3. Once emails are synced with our cloud based server you should be able to Move or Copy any emails or folders to your Local based offline folders.

Note: Any emails that are Moved to a local device are now offline and viewable only on your computer.  Any emails that are Copied to a local device continue to be online and viewable to all of your devices. 


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