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To access the Spam Filtering options and features you will need to log into your Administrative Control Panel.

  1. Click or Tap Filtering.
    Email Filtering Options 


Preferences and Options available:

Accept e-mail from:

  • Everyone, Whitelist & Address book: This is the default option and lets all messages reach your Inbox
  • Whitelist & Address book: This option only allows messages present in your Whitelist & Address book to reach your Inbox

Spam delivery: this controls what happens to messages which are identified as Spam

  • Quarantine Messages: Places the Spam messages in the Spam folder
  • Deliver to Inbox: Delivers the Spam messages to the Inbox
  • Delete: Deletes the Spam messages

Filter sensitivity: The filtering system can be adjusted on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most restrictive while 1 is the most permissive. We find that the default setting of Regular Sensitivity is just right for most users.

Keep Spam for: How many days to keep the Spam messages in your Spam folder

Send Spam E-mail Report every: This defines how often you wish to receive in your Inbox the summary of Spam messages trapped over the past few hours

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