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File Sharing, Storage & Syncing in the Cloud

We provide a fully featured file storage, sync and sharing solution for all Branded email accounts.

This is an extremely useful feature, as it lets you synchronize your most important files to our cloud storage, keeping them safely backed up for up to 30 days. You can also install the ownCloud app on your mobile devices so that your files are easily accessible from wherever you are. You can even view, edit, and share your files with other users. Your files can be shared with others embedded with password protection and even expiration dates.

  1. Log into your webmail account and Click or Tap on the ownCloud "Mini Version" or "Full Featured Version".
    File Sharing 

Mini versus Full Versions:

The Mini Version allows you to quickly View, Manage, & Email smaller files.

The Full Featured Version allows you to:

  • View, Manage, and Share Large Files or Folders.
  • Set Passwords
  • Set File Expiration Dates
  • View Usage (up to 5GB)
  • Download iOS and Android Sync Apps


File Sharing

File Sharing

File Sharing

File Sharing

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