Increase Sales using the ultimate Tool with instant Reach & Engagement

Mobile Marketing & Advertising

SMS or Mobile Marketing adds another layer to your marketing mix that is unlike any other channel to date.  You are able to deliver your message directly to your customers and leads with pinpoint laser accuracy.


With NO Apps or Programs for your customers to download it's easier than ever to quickly get your message out and sales up!


Mobile is the only channel that your customers interact with nearly 24/7. Most Mobile Messages are opened and read within 3 minutes.


Boost Sales - Get New Leads - Increase Repeat Business - Engage and Stay "Top of Mind" Using Mobile!


8 Easy Ways To Boost Sales Using Mobile


1 Text Latest Sales to Fire Up Business.

Need to quickly get more sales... simply Text your whole customer base and BAM... everybody has read your message within minutes.

Text Sales & Events To Your Customers in Less Than 5 Minutes


2 Text Event & Promotion Reminders

Keep your customers engaged to bring in more sales.

Promote Special Offers & Event Remeinders


3 Personalized Mobile Coupons

Easily deliver Customized and Personalized Mobile Coupons. You can even automatically send reminders as the coupons about to expire to increase sales.

Promote Easy-To-Use Mobile Coupons


4 Mobile Punch Cards

Generate more sales when using Personalized Digital Loyalty apps.  Mobile Punch Cards don't get lost and automatically keep your brand "Top of Mind" with gentle reminders to use it.

Engage with Mobile Digital Loyalty Programs


5 Show Off Your Product or Service

Simply have prospects and leads Text to see examples of your product or services. Show videos, websites, make appointments, and get more sales.

Promote Videos of Your Product & Service


6 Give Directions, Display Maps and Store Locations

Easily Display a Map or Location.

Sometimes your customers and leads simply need directions or a map of your location.

  • Need Directions simply Tap Here
  • We Have a NEW Location Tap Here for Directions


7 Auto-Send Happy Birthday wishes.

Stay Engaged and Make your customers feel appreciated.

Easily and automatically send personalized Birthday Wishes along with a Special Birthday Coupon.


8 Integrate your Facebook & Twitter Feeds

Easily Feed your Mobile Ad and Promotions to your Social Feeds.

Your customers will also be able to SHARE your Mobile promotions to their Social Feeds.



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