• Adjusting Spam Filter Preferences

    To access the Spam Filtering options and features you will need to log into your Administrative Control Panel.

    settings controlpanel 01 admin cp   settings controlpanel 01 filtering   settings controlpanel 01 filtering options Click images to enlarge.
    Log into your webmail account.

    1. Click Control Panel.
    2. Click Filtering.

    Preferences and Options available:

    Accept e-mail from:

    • Everyone, Whitelist & Address book: This is the default option and lets all messages reach your Inbox
    • Whitelist & Address book: This option only allows messages present in your Whitelist & Address book to reach your Inbox

    Spam delivery: this controls what happens to messages which are identified as Spam

    • Quarantine Messages: Places the Spam messages in the Spam folder
    • Deliver to Inbox: Delivers the Spam messages to the Inbox
    • Delete: Deletes the Spam messages

    Filter sensitivity: The filtering system can be adjusted on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most restrictive while 1 is the most permissive. We find that the default setting of Regular Sensitivity is just right for most users.

    Keep Spam for: How many days to keep the Spam messages in your Spam folder

    Send Spam E-mail Report every: This defines how often you wish to receive in your Inbox the summary of Spam messages trapped over the past few hours

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